Patient Representative Group

The James Street Family Practice Patient Representative Group (PRG) group was formed in November 2010.  The group comprises of 12 patients drawn from a wide spectrum of the type of users of JSFP.  It exists to advise the Practice on patients’ views regarding the development of the Practice and Dispensary and allow the Practice to consider patients views when reviewing and expanding services.  

The role is unpaid and on a voluntary basis.  There is no specific duration or contract and the group meets every 3 months throughout the year.

We welcome applications to join the PRG group at any time.  There is no guarantee that making an application would mean that you will join the group as it depends on group numbers and composition at the time. 

At present we would be particularly interested to hear from anyone under 25, or who has very young children. 

Alternatively you can join the email Patient Participation Group which exists in order to ensure that as many patients as possible are involved in the decisions that we make in our delivery of care to you.  We would, therefore, like to invite all our patients to be on the PPG contact list so that we can approach you from time to time, via email, to ask your views on specific questions related to the services that we offer.  

If you become interested in applying to join our Patient Representative Group or our email Patient Participation Group, please apply by emailing our managing partner, Jackie.


We look forward to your participation!


Terms of Reference